How to design a parcel drop box?

                                                                                                      Product Design  Process:


  • Customer inquiries about the product

         For those customers who are interested in the parcel drop box, they can provide product pictures and approximate dimensions (drawings are best).Or we show the products to customers through video(Introduce product usage, features, etc. to customers), and then customers will put forward product requirements after familiarity.

  • Make demands

          After the customer has a general understanding of the parcel drop box, combined with the sales area, the customer can provide us with their own needs, such as size, color, material, safety, waterproof and so on.

  • Design drawing

        We will design drawings for the customer and send them to the customer for confirmation.The customer inform us of the need for modification,and then we modify the drawings.After many modifications to make sure we get final product drawings. 

  • Make Sample

        Through our own proofing, we can find out whether there is a problem with the product after many trials, and if there is a problem, we can modify it in time. Samples can also be sent directly to the customer for personal confirmation, and if there is any problem, you can also feedback to us for modification.

  • Final Confirmation

         After the customer confirms that the product is correct, we will start mass production.


     Through the above general process, customers can understand the design steps of the product, which can speed up the progress of cooperation between the two parties.

     If you feel that we are lacking in some aspects, you can also communicate with us, we very much welcome every customer to communicate with us. 

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